You heard right.  We said we nurture the souls of corporations.  Didn’t know they had souls?  They do.  We create documentaries, books, and campaigns that tell core stories which help companies re-discover their heart and soul, re-animating cultural traits that improve ethics and enhance performance.  Here’s an example: working with a major insurance company, we discovered that one of its original rockstar CEOs basically pulled a one-man Iditarod trek through a blizzard, in a sleigh, to help save New York.  Why?  Because he really gave a darn.  And then we told that story in a way that reached and inspired employees and customers.  It also didn’t hurt that it was featured on the front page of the WSJ.

The secret to re-animating and showcasing an organization’s soul is finding moments where that soul and spirit shine.  We capture those moments.  In interesting ways.  So people can feel it.

Working with the CCO’s of FedEx, Southwest, Johnson & Johnson, USAA, Booz Allen Hamilton, and Aflac, we created a new kind of collaborative storytelling project involving first-person narratives of real crisis management where something more powerful than just money made the difference.

We helped pen the 75th Anniversary history of Morgan Stanley. 

We conceived of the design motif for the 75th anniversary of Morgan Stanley – an ampersand added to the middle of the iconic company name, to remind people to reflect on the two founders as people, and revisit their values and banking ethics.