I try to create the kind of film and TV that Mark Twain would make if he were alive today.  I’ve been a lit agent at ICM, a VP of Production at Miramax-based A Band Apart, a consultant and creative director on projects for Fortune 500 firms with a focus on re-animating cultural traits that improve ethics and enhance performance, a professor of documentary film, and Executive Producer/creator on shows ranging from HALO FREEFALL WARRIORS for Discovery, to SIT STAY STYLE for Fine Living.  I’ve sold original TV concepts to Fox and CBS, and co-wrote SHERLOCK HOMEBOY, a feature screenplay bought by Universal.  I’m director, executive producer, and creator of the hit series “Hurricane Hunters” for The Weather Channel.  With my brothers, I created a healthier performance nutrition bar for the troops, Soldier Fuel™, which is now featured in the Special Operations Forces Nutrition Guide.  (In an effort to prove the superhuman power of these bars, I ate two and won the                               , raising money for wounded warriors in the process).  With my brothers, I pioneered the campaign to remove trans fat from military food, an uphill battle that notched a victory recently when we won a major lawsuit against the government feeding bureacracy in the Court of Federal Claims -- a win that helped force the removal of trans fat from a handful of troop meals.  In an effort to add some positivity to the appiverse, my brother, Mark, and I are creating the free app God’s Tweets (GodsTweets.com).  It’s becoming apparent that some of the startups I launch also feature that curious hallmark... of feeling like something Mark Twain would do.  For example, along with a Mississippi artisan soap pioneer, I’m creating what we humbly consider to be the best soap in the world.  Mark Twain would definitely be more inclined to launch a soap, rather than a Facebook, wouldn’t you agree?  On summer afternoons, yours truly can be found near the Washington Monument leading the Harvard Alumni Softball Team in its quest to “turn recreational summer softball into a hyper-competitive bloodsport.” 

BA from Harvard.  MA from Oxford.


Christian and Paul D’Andrea sure have war stories.  Deputizing themselves as the civilian food police for the military, they've won Army tests for taste and energy boost delivery, beating out Clif Bar Pro and the military’s own energy bar, First Strike.  After a series of hard-won military approvals and reformulations, Soldier Fuel is featured in the U.S. Special Forces Nutrition Guide and provided to elite units such as Navy SEALs, Army Special Forces, and Marine Force Reconnaissance units. Now Iron Man hopefuls can try them out too.

Teresa Novellino  Upstart Business Journal Entrepreneurs Editor

Band of brothers bring Soldier Fuel to civilians

Spending a relaxing afternoon on a drug interdiction patrol with THE INTERCEPTORS